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record thru video recording software on PC

Using video recording software (i.e. Debut) would I be able to record to my PC by connecting the Panacast camera to the PC's Ethernet outlet?

The PanaCast Camera streams H264 encoded video using an rtsp stream. We have tested the playback and record of a camera hooked up to a PC and Mac running VLC, we have not tested this setup with "Debut". We however do believe that any s/w capable of capturing rtsp stream and decoding H264 bit stream should be able to play and record video from a Panacast Camera hooked up to the Ethernet port of a PC.

You would need to setup the ip address of both the PC and the camera such that they are on the same subnet. We do have tools to aid you in setting up IP address to the PanaCast Camera. 

Hope this helps, let us know if you have more questions.

How do I get the tools?  Are they available for download?


We need to use the Panacast camera as a webcam for Adobe Connect, Blackboard Collaborate and similar web-conferencing sofware.  We cannot use the Moxtra platform for web conferencing.  Please provide some directions on how we may accomplish this.

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