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Contacting Altia

Guys, your phone number is disconnected.  Our company would like to ask you some questions before placing an Order.  Please reply back with the proper contact phone number as soon as you can.

Good Day

Please can i have a quotation and eta on the following:

PanaCast 2 Camera - Industry-First Panoramic-4k USB Plug-and-Play Video Camera

We are based in South Africa

Can you please send a contact email so I can reach you, I have not purchased a product yet and would like to but have questions. Thanks!

I've tried to create a new support ticket as I have a question about using Panacast 2 (we purchased one about a month ago), but struggling to know what to put against 'Application/Client Version *.  We don't have any dedicated IT people - we are a small company.  We love your camera but we haven't used the Power adapter cable (the company we purchased the camera from said that we didn't need to do this).  I am wondering under what circumstances would you connect the Power adapter cable?  Happy to provide more details via the support ticket.

I'm suddenly getting cold feet reading the above un-responded to questions. I was trying to buy a device, but can't because "I'm not logged in", and I can't find a way to log in.

I'm also looking at the dates in all these forum posts and wondering if Altia Systems is still a going concern....?

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Contact email required for queries about selection of Panacast Camera for Lecture Recording in a classroom

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