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Need Webcam Capability

We need to evaluate the Panacast camera as a classroom webcam for Adobe Connect, Blackboard Collaborate and similar web-conferencing software.  We cannot use the Moxtra platform for web conferencing.  

Please provide some directions on how we may accomplish this. A Windows 7 PC does not recognize the camera when connected via USB, although I have downloaded drivers.

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Hi Al,

Our Mac App works with both Adobe Connect and Blackboard Collaborate.  Our Windows App, however, does not work with Adobe Connect, but with a slight work-around does work with Blackboard Collaborate.

Do you have an E5-USB camera?  If your camera does not have any indication of E5-USB on the underside of the camera head, it will not work with a USB dongle.  Please contact directly so that we may assist you with changing the configuration of your camera to work with USB.



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