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'Expert' Mode??

I have been using Panacast for Mac and for the iPad as well and I need to tweak the settings of the individual cameras. According to this forum, there are supposed to be advanced controls that can be enabled via 'Expert Mode' that allows you to tweak the settings for each individual camera. Although this is fully demonstrated on the 'Expert Mode For iPad' tutorial, I don't actually see this feature anywhere on the iPad app. And it's definitely not on the mac end either. What's going on with this? 

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Hi Chris, 

In order to use 'Expert Mode' (which is only available on the iPad) you'll need to have your iPad on the same network as your camera.  If you are using a cellular network or are trying to access the camera remotely, you won't see the options.  If you are on the same network and still do not see the options, please contact us directly so that we may assist you further.



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